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In the current situation where COVID-19 is rapidly spreading, China's consumer market has entered a "new normal", where companies are forced to accelerate its business operation digitally and online. In the second half of 2020 and for some time to come, companies will enter a difficult recovery path. E-commerce live streaming, WeChat Official Account/mini-programs, community, social pooling, etc. have become a new track for enterprises to do business. It would be a common challenge for companies to meet the "new normal" of the cloud economy and build a new digital infrastructure via content marketing to the private operation, relying on "creative AI", live streaming, short video, community operation and other carriers to revitalize flow and improve conversion.
This summit will focuse on "insight on post-epidemic consumer behaviors", "social e-commerce", "private traffic operation" "E-commerce live-streaming", "social marketing", “KOLs”, "short-video marketing", "content marketing"…...and discuss the best practices of digital marketing and e-commerce development in China along with domestic and foreign platform businesses, consulting companies, brands, retailers, technical service providers, etc. to help ride the waves in the uncertain environment of enterprises.   More>>


  • How can brands do "Generation Z" marketing and achieve growth against the trend in the social era
  • KOL Content Seeding Marketing Boosts Marketing Efficiency
  • Build Private Traffic Pool, Play Community Marketing
  • Brand IP Cross-Border Marketing, How to Use the Circle to Attract New Consumers
  • CRM+ Mini-programs+ social retail, build a private retail closed loop and reconstruct brand new growth
  • E-commerce live streaming, channel or brand story
  • How brand e-commerce companies use short videos to gain new traffic
  • How to use data to continuously improve media efficiency

Consecutive 11th year

30+ speakers

150+ Delegates

100+ Enterprises

Past Speakers

Alibaba Group

VP, Head of Alibaba Cloud New Retail

Shiseido Group

Senior Vice President, Global Customer Marketing

BSH Home Appliances (China)

Chief Consumer Journey Officer

Mark Fairwhale

Ecommerce GM and CIO

Suning Retail Group

Deputy GM of Suning Technology Group

Chow Tai Fook

General Manager of Ecommerce Centre

Tencent Marketing Solution-

General Manager of Feed Ads and QQ Ads


General Manager of Commercial Marketing Department

The Hershey Company

Head of Marketing Greater China


Marketing Director - Pepsi

Mondelēz China

Head of Ecommerce Marketing

Media partner


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Discover new customers and enhance your brand awareness with 100+ global attendees. Join us and provide our attendees with a unique experience they'll never forget. Multiple exhibitions including company logo will be showed on event materials (agenda, brochure, roll up banner), and also the APP, marketing video, background screen etc..

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Event FAQs

The fee is inclusive of 2 days conferences, simultaneous interpretation, paper/audio materials, 2 luncheons/4 tea-breaks and all refreshements provided by five-star hotel.


About US

ECV International is a leading organizer and contractor of high-end international business events in Asia, with nearly 200 professionals in industrial research and event planning & execution. Every year, we hold around 40 high-level international summits involved in the fields of vehicle, retail, textile, footwear, IoT, New Science & Technology industry, etc.
We have served more than half of the Fortune 2,000 companies, and every year more than 6,000 delegates from multinational enterprises, specialized organizations and creative companies take part in our events, i.e. Daimler, GE, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Alibaba, ABB, etc.
Our mission is to provide professional services to connect and inform the stakeholders who would be able to shape the industry landscape in the future and to create more value for our clientele through our efforts to help them seize opportunities, meet challenges and achieve sustainable development on a global basis.



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